Spider-Man Homecoming Critical Success Marks Exciting Times For Marvel Cinematic Universe

With largely positive reviews across the board for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, it appears the MCU might be heading into its golden age.

With Spidey’s film set to release to the larger public on July 7, critics have had mostly positive reactions to the film. Reviewer Michael Roffman of the site Consequence of Sound praised Homecoming, saying “It’s a human film, oozing with heart and believable stakes” in his review. This step toward reality and away from the endless display of fight scenes and superpowers shows Marvel is continuing to build viewers’ emotional ties to characters on a relatable level much the same way they did in the recent Ant-Man film. Roffman then goes on to say that while most fans were weary of seeing Spider-Man rebooted yet again, it feels as if it’s the MCU getting a fresh coat of paint rather than the character itself.

This should make the big payoff, Avengers Infinity Wars: Part 1 and 2, all the more emotionally charged, a trait that many critics feel is lacking in Avengers films. Sady Doyle of Wired even went so far as to say the “Avengers: Age of Ultron is a story where the character does not meaningfully change. He doesn’t learn. He doesn’t grow,” in her less-than-thrilled review. Marvel have clearly listened to these complaints and began to implement a new way of thinking in their “phase three” of Marvel movies – a phase that contains not only Spider-Man, but newcomers Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange as well.

Luckily, Spider-Man doesn’t look to wow fans in just one medium, though, as the wall-crawler is also set to make an appearance in video games in the PS4 exclusive of the same name. The game, which was recently shown off at the Los Angeles games convention E3, will give players the chance to become even more invested in Peter Parker as he struggles to make it as the friendly neighborhood spider.

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Although superheroes are no strangers to the gaming world with a few titles dating as far back as the Atari (Spider-Man being one of them), the decision to make them more realistic seems to be a direction video games are also striving to move in. As shown in the E3 gameplay, Spider-Man not only has to save the day by dispatching bad guys, but he has to do it without killing them. This is an inclusion that is often overlooked in many superhero titles including Batman, a superhero that has sworn to never kill in a number of his incarnations.

However, some superhero games do still keep the mood light and the action is its main focus. News of bitcoin gambling on the superhero-inspired game, Blast Boom Bang!, proves that old-fashioned heroics akin to the early Batman show still have a place in gamers’ hearts. Pictures of monocle-wearing villains, ticking time bombs and flying fists all adorned with flashy action lines evoke the comic book feel of days past, and matching up similar tiles nets you points.

But even though older ways of portraying superheroes can still be effective, Spider-Man: Homecoming and the positivity circling it seems to prove viewers want more depth from their cinematic experience – even if it’s just a summer popcorn flick they’re watching. If Homecoming is any indication, it’s fair to assume we could see this style of emotion-driven storytelling in the upcoming Avengers movies that will indeed feature Tom Holland’s Spider-Man once again alongside Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.

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We might even see the death of some of those legends if the movie stays faithful to the Infinity Gauntlet graphic novel. What would be more dramatic than seeing the previously invincible Thor of Hulk stopped dead in their tracks? We’ll just have to wait for Avengers: Infinity War‘s release on April 25, 2018 to find out.

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