Spoiler Free Review ‘Ghost Adventures’ Graveyard in the Pacific: Commander’s Room

I wasn’t sure what to expect with Part Three of the ‘Ghost Adventures: Graveyard in the Pacific, but I have to say, for my own personal taste, I enjoyed the episode. The thing that really makes this episode stand out more than anything is the mood. You really just are waiting and looking around, waiting to see what happens in the episode! Then just out of nowhere, this episode picks up very early on with some of the most intriguing on the spot paranormal investigation work. Without spoiling too much, the team pulls out the spirit box and you hear some wild voices come back, and that’s only a sampling of what else happens in this episode.

As the episode continues on, you see and feel the compound where they are at, just light up with more paranormal activity. This episode has to deal with an angry spirit and an unsolved murder on the property that really makes for good television. Remember how I was talking about mood, as the team separates between the lock-down for Fort Stevens and the Commanders House, you are just salivating waiting to see what the team is going to discover.

Without giving anything away, once inside the various locations, the episode delivers chills, questions, and some very compelling evidence. So to review we have reviewed now episodes one thru three and every episode so far has provided some wonderful paranormal investigating. This episode came out on October 20th, so go check  it out and get ready as part four I believe wraps up the ‘Graveyard in the Pacific’ mini event as part of Travel Channels Ghostober! 5/5

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