Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen went to federal prison for tax evasion and campaign finance violations, but while he was incarcerated, he was also served another form of justice. He regularly received postcards spoiling movies and premiere television shows he wouldn’t have access to watching until after his release. Those postcards and more are all collected in one book thanks to Spoilers for Michael, now available on Kickstarter!

Animal-loving, tree-hugging, punk-rocking, leftie comic book writer Matt Miner (GWAR: Orgasmageddon, Poser) wanted to make sure that Michael Cohen was aware of people’s contempt for him due to his part in where the world is presently. Ever so gently trolling Cohen by frequently sending him mail discussing the weather, the world, and inevitably major pop culture spoilers started as a passion project. Now it is available to share with others so they can witness the ways in which Michael was informed how the new Star Wars movie, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and many others came to end, well before he was able to see them.

Spoilers for Michael is an 88-page premium full-color hardcover art book collecting all of the spoiler postcards, plus, with the help of Sean Von Gorman (Toe Tag Riot, The Secret Adventures of Houdini), artist interpretations of how Michael must have reacted every time a new spoiler came crashing down on him. All brought together with design by Matt Krotzer (Strayed, House of Fear). The book is now available on Kickstarter and seeking $45,000. Original art of sad inmate Michael Cohen by Von Gorman (suitable for framing!) and bundles of the art book are also available as rewards.

“Getting caught has a weird way of magically turning bad people good, but we may not even have a country left because of Mike,” says Matt Miner. “Spoiling the Deadwood movie is literally nothing in comparison.”

The Spoilers for Michael Kickstarter project can be found at the URL shortcut www.michaelcohenkickstarter.com and the project runs from September 15 to October 14, 2020.  Kickstarter is all-or-nothing funding, so if 100% of the goal isn’t reached, none of the money is collected and the book won’t be made.

The creators urge interested parties to pledge early in the campaign to secure their rewards.

Follow them on social media at:

Matt Miner: @mattminerxvx

Sean Von Gorman: @vongormanart

Matt Krotzer: @mattkrotzer

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