REVIEW: Star Trek Green Lantern: The Spectrum War #1 (of 6)

Writer: Mike Johnson
Art: Angel Hernandez
Publisher: IDW/DC Comics
Release Date: 07/05/2015

Space, the final frontier.  Theses are the voyagers of the starship Enterprise.  It’s ongoing mission, to crossover into as many different universes it can.  This time around, Kirk and co investigate the apparent corpse of Ganthet who is found surrounded by power rings.  As this is Star Trek, one beam down, one beam up, one tachyon beam and an ill-timed Klingon bird of prey leads to escalation.

Ok, first things first.  I was intrigued by the idea of this book from the minute I heard about it.  I love Trek.  All Trek. Well……… that’s not strictly true.  I am one of those Trekers who actually wasn’t that fussed about the reboot.  Yes Chris Pine is good and yes Zachary Quinto is fantastic as Spock but there is something about the lensflash universe of J.J Abrahams that leaves me cold.  Is it the lip service given to the minor crew members, or the comedy role given to Scott, I don’t know.

Write Mike Johnson is no stranger to Trek having been involved in previous projects.  And it shows.  The script catches the elements that I did like in the Pine Quinto  partnership, albeit still showing the snipery back and forth rather than the more respectful give and take enjoyed by Shatner and Nimoy.  The Green Lantern elements are handled well.  There is a Guardian, a host of rings and of course Hal Jordan.  As there are rings, we get to see a slew of chosen Lanterns, some choices are easy to understand, but others, such  as why the yellow ring goes where it does, when red may be better suited is a little confusing.  Still it is handled with enough respect to the source material that I will give Johnson the benefit of the doubt.

Angel Hernandez does a stellar job with the at on the Trek side of the coin.  All the characters look like the film counterparts and the Enterprise looks majestic as it  travels through space, with colorist Alejandro Sanchez helping to set the scene.  The start of the book, is also strong, with the setup being handled well.  Where I have a small issue is the introduction of Hal, where Hernandez seems to be channelling Travis Charest from the early 90’s.

This crossover is simply a bit of fun.  You pretty much know there will be no lasting ramification to either universe and you know what, that’s ok.   Where I do have a problem is the covers.  Now, I have seen the digital version and it shows 28 pages of covers.  Even in the interior cover, whichever you choose, shows 18 covers.  Are the fans of each universe going to shell out for them all?  That’s your choice, but to me variant covers are kind of like watching a 3D movie.  the story is the same,  the actors are the same and the flaws ion the story are the same.  But don’t let the covers but you off.  Pick the one you like , my personal favourite is the Vulcan salute manifested by Hal and enjoy this bit of sci-fi hokum.

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