Suicide Guy is on Steam!

Suicide Guy is a first person action-puzzle game set in a world of dreams. The game was developed by Fabio Ferrara and launched on 14 July 2017 on Steam for the regular price of $4.99.

Despite it’s title the game is not about suicide and depression but rather is set on the premise that dying in a dream wakes us up. Inspired by the movie ‘Inception’, Suicide Guy puts you in control of the protagonist as he puzzles his way through dreams within dreams. The main objective being to find a way to kill yourself in each level.

The game starts out with the protagonist relaxing on the sofa as he enjoys a nice cold beer. Suddenly he falls asleep and is tasked with waking up before his beer slips out of his hand and hits the floor.

The game offers 25 levels, each with a unique way to commit suicide. The player must use the environment and items scattered around each level to find a way to wake themselves up. As the game progressed so does the difficulty level making it harder and harder to kill yourself.

Suicide Guy is above all a puzzle platformer with collectibles. The player will explore a Space Ship, tick off a T-Rex, explore a temple reminiscent of Tomb Raider and more. Each level presents a unique environment and a unique approach. SG is rife with references to classic games too such as Portal and Super Mario.

As the game goes on more and more is revealed about the character through objects that he manifests in his dreams. Suicide Guy is fun and charming and will entice the player to push forward if only to see in what creative way he can off himself next.


  • 25 Unique levels with 25 Unique puzzles and ways to off yourself.
  • Compelling story set in the world of the protagonists dreams
  • Physics based puzzles and levels
  • Pick up items, throw them around, interact with mechanisms and machinery
  • Belch Ability
  • Annoy and interact with creatures large and small
  • Drive vehicles
  • Tons of Collectibles

Developers: Fabio Ferrara  | Publisher: Chubby Pixel | Release date: 14 Jul, 2017 Platforms: Steam

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