Produced by Four32Productions and Dark Pixel, the short brings together a disparate group of heroes — from Superman and Wonder Woman to Neo and Desmond Miles to Spider-Man and Hermione Granger — for a no-holds, and no-powers, barred soccer match. It’s unclear who wins, or if they were even keeping score, as the game is called because of … well, you’ll see.

“My Turn” – Shaun Canon ft. Chief Wakil…

Shaun Canon’s YouTube:

Video produced by Four32 Productions and Dark Pixel
Song produced by: Nathan Hemple
Song mastered by: Bernie Grundman

Filmed and VFX by Dark Pixel:

Stunts by CBR Stunt Team…
Ronnie Shalvis
Chris Romrell
Braxton McAllister
Michaela Chernoch
Benjamin Phillips

Nate Bonham as Iron Man

Gandalf played by “Vinelord”

Special Thanks to Junior Silva and soccer team, La Roca

Checkout their Website:

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