Superheroes and Slots Gaming: An Interesting Relationship

Slot gaming has been an integral part of gambling for so many years, evolving from its traditional form to the more recent graphical form known as video gaming slot machines. In recent times, the proliferation of online gaming and its widespread popularity have expanded the horizon of slot gaming, and slot games are now easily available on the web.

In other to ensure survival and attract new players, slot games in 2017  have undergone modifications and improvements, coming up with innovative and creative concepts in the form of add-ons, new designs, and new games.

Many slot games designers have been inspired by superhero character, modelling slot games after superhero stories, creating trends and changing the landscape of slot gaming. Superhero slot games are largely centered on Marvel and DC, inspiring transitions from blockbuster movies to blockbuster games.

Among slot games however, there fan favourites with gamers showing a clear preference for some superhero slot games over others. Predictably, they include the most popular superhero figures.

The Dark Knight Rises

The battle between Batman and Bane has transcended the pages of comic books and the the small and big screens of comic movies to feature in the adrenaline charged world of a slot machine. Featured of course, is the playboy millionaire, Bruce Wayne and his alter ego. Offering 5 reels, 243 pay-lines, and an impressive number of options allowing for fabulous payouts, this creation of the wizards at Microgaming featuring stacks upon stacks of wild excitement is quickly becoming a gamer favourite.

Captain America

The superhero clad in a patriotic-esque star spangled banner suit, wielding an indestructible steel alloy metal shield is a fan of many a gamer around the world. Rising from the ashes of a frail Steve Rogers, who is recovering from the side effects of a government sanctioned serum administered during the second world war. From the dog-eared pages of many a comic magazine and high-powered, action-packed blockbusters to the reels of high-tech slot machines, Captain America and his arch nemesis, Red Skull possess the same intensity and excitement. With a bouquet of special features and a 5 reel and 20-line game, this super energy free game can ramp up your payout probability.

Iron Man 3

With first-rate graphics and lively features, this superhero themed slot game is guaranteed to get your juices running on overdrive. Join Tony Stark in his high-tech suit brought to life in a range of action packed fun for slot gamers. The slot game offers 5 reels, 20 paylines and bonus feature that allow you to win free plays. You can win up to 5000 coins if you play a base game and when you gather five iron man icons, you can win 1000 coins if the icons land on an active payline. The most interesting part of this game is when you bag an enormous jackpot!

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