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I’m Gary “ODD” Edmund from ODD Comics , I created USUN, Gunhammer Jones, The Good Guy, Talon, and about a gazillion other Characters, including The Bud the #1 Cannabis Comic in Production which is Now available at Spencer’s Gifts Locations Nationwide. You can follow me on instagram or twitter under @Gary_ODD_Edmund or on Facebook @

What is your first memory of comic books?

Probably the G.I. Joe and Transformers comics of The 80’s I was always big on the Hasbro stuff.

How old were you when you started getting into comics?

I have no idea, I can’t remember that far back. I’ve ALWAYS loved comic books.

What were some of the books/characters you were a fan of when you started reading comics?

G.I. Joe, Transformers, C.O.P.S. , Pretty much Action Figures and Saturday Morning Cartoons were my tie ins.  Batman was still kinda a dork when I was a Kid. I liked Superman from the Movies, but I don’t remember reading the books. I LOVED Super Friends and The Hulk TV Series, but again I didn’t really read those comics.

When did you realize you wanted to make comics?

I was probably 5 or 6, maybe younger. I drew all the time, and I just loved everything fantasy, Sci- Fi, and Super Heroes. It was my 100% goal until I decided to be a Rock Star.

The Bud 3 Exclusive Spencer's CoverDescribe your style.

I have 2 different Styles. One is more realistic, old school, like old school Judge Dredd, and Conan. And then My other Style which I’m more known for is my Cartoony highly detailed style. But my style is always evolving, its always a work in progress.

There are many avenues you could take in your comic creating. There are plenty of goals that creators set for themselves. What are some of your goals in comics?

Draw Batman. Draw Hulk. That’s about it.  I just want to be a penciler.

Have your goals changed from when you started to now?

Yes and No. I still want to one day pencil Hulk and Batman, but the popularity of The Bud has taken me into an entirely different avenue. I NEVER wanted to be a publisher. When I started off The Bud and my other comics were a way to get picked up by a publisher, but now things have changed for sure.

What are you currently working on that you would like to share with everyone? Tell us everything you want people to know about what you’re working on.

Right Now, I’ve put all other projects on the back burners for The Bud. I’m just focusing all my energy on the Wacky Weed from Hashington, THC USA. If everything continues to go well I plan on focusing on him for the next few years, before I start up with any of my other projects again.

How did the ideas for NOVO and THE CREATORS come to you? When did you decide you were going to pursue the ideas?

I have absolutely No idea what those are…Did I create them? maybe…I’ll have to check my “wait on those until later” file.

I feel this was one of those “Hello Cleveland!” “uh we’re in Pittsburgh” moments.

So for the sake of you rewriting the question:

I came up with The Bud while working at a storage facility in 2005/2006. I had been reading Spider-Man: Reign, which is Marvel’s answer to The Dark Knight returns. It was bleak and dreary, and I thought to myself that all these comics are so bleak and dreary, and have SO many problems, I just wanted a comic that was fun. So out popped The Bud, and I knew instantly that he was a little sarcastic fellow (very Bugs Bunny) and I knew that a Super Hero is only as Good as his enemies (alah Batman and Spider-Man) so I created like 5 or 6 of his enemies right there as well.

What is your approach to creating? Walk us through your process…

Honestly stuff just pops in my head constantly. If I get bored I create something new so I’m not bored anymore. 

What separates your project/s from the countless amount of projects out there?

Well….I think the majority of comics out now are very dark. The Bud is not dark. The Bud has no Continuity. Some of the issues have 2 or 3 stories in t hem. It’s like Looney Tunes. One story Bugs Bunny is in Outer Space and the next story he’s in the wild west. There are no limitations. There is no origin story. And it’s about Weed!

What form are you publishing in? Who is the publisher? How did you come to that decision?

The Bud is published in monthly Books available in print or digital. I’m the publisher. I was forced into that decision because publishers (though they LOVE the comic) don’t want a weed comic under their label. Bud 4 Spencers Exclusive Cover

As a creator, how do you want readers to remember your stories?

As fun, and funny. I want them to laugh, and feel good about life afterwards. I want them to feel like they got a break from reality, without being put into a different fictional stressful situation. 

Who are the creators that inspire you? 

Frank Miller, John Ostrander, Alex Ross, Greg Capullo, Geoff Darrow, Brian Bolland, Todd McFarlane, Jeph Loeb, there are tons of influences.

What is on your current “must read” list?

The Batman stuff by Capullo and Snyder, those are just amazing. I’ve heard Batman ’66 is good, and the Bud was heavily influenced by that era of Batman. I’m really into classic Savage Sword of Conan stuff right now. And I’m TRYING to get into Deadpool, but I really don’t think I’ve found the right volumes to draw me in. I would love some recommendations.

Do you have advice for other creators or people looking to become creators?

Nope. No advice at all….Just kidding. Here’s stuff I had to learn when I started off. Learn your Basics (anatomy/perspective) Learn how to actually write, and panel, and letter. If you can’t do those 3 things you’re gunna have issues. USE A RULER. I didn’t on my very first comic (Title withheld to protect the innocent.) and have fun with what your doing.

My Number one rule to people who are starting off is when you get critiqued on your work by professionals DO NOT GET BUTT HURT!! if the criticism is constructive, learn from it, fix it. If it’s just insultive ignore it, but know the difference.

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