Tech Review: Thrustmaster Headset Y-350P Ghost Recon Wildlands Edition

As a contributor for Comic Crusaders, I’ve reviewed a lot of stuff: movies, television shows, books, magazines, graphic novels, and more comics than I could recount. But for the first time, I have been tasked with reviewing something outside of my comfort zone: an actual working product. Instead of judging the creative content of my subject, I must instead rate quality and performance. I hope I’m up to the challenge.

Well, first of all, I want to disclose that I received these headphones for reviewing purposes at no cost to me, so I immediately want to thank Thrustmaster for the opportunity to test these out. It will not impact the quality of the review (OMG MUST HAVE, 5 STARS!!!), but I will say I appreciate your kindness and generosity. Also, I am strictly a casual user, so if you want a full spec, in depth technical review, I suggest you look elsewhere. This is just my impression of what I thought about the product. You’ve been warned.














First of all, I’d like to discuss the design. This headset is branded with the title of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands game and has elements integrated into the appearance, like a white skull outlines against the black exterior and inside speaker. Yellow highlights the ear muffs, which looks pretty awesome, even if yellow isn’t really my color. If you’re looking for a small, discreet headset, this is no lightweight. It’s quite large, actually, with plenty of padding for the ears and head and enough bulk to handle the sound system it houses. This does create a problem if you try to rest your head sideways or at odd angles in a resting position, as it could affect how they sit on your head. There is a detachable microphone for use on live gaming, Skype, etc. that is relatively out of the way. This is also a corded design, and since the main demographic consists of gamers, the length is kept down to a manageable length for plugging into your controller. There is a small clip to keep the cord out of the way, but compared to the rest of the setup, it’s pretty weak. The headset is adjustable for all you big-headed folks out there too. They were quite comfortable, although wearing over-the-ear headphones has always bugged me since I wear glasses. These did not cause the pinch behind the ear I normally get, but after a hour of wearing them I still had to take a break since I’m a n00b at this. Overall, the design is very eye-catching and the comfort is quite acceptable for my needs.

Next, I have to talk about the sound. I wanted these for the purpose of podcasting and listening to media on my phone/computer. I tested all these, and I’ve gotta admit I was quite impressed. I have had these for about three weeks now, but did not want to write the review until after my first podcast, so that I could judge the microphone and speakers simultaneously. Both in normal phone calls and Skype (where we recorded the podcast), the speech came through very clear and my audience claimed I did as well. If my podcast is online when this posts, I will include a link and you can see for yourselves. The microphone is placed to the left side of the face and does not obstruct the mouth at all, in case drinking or snacking take place. My phone and laptop exhibited similar output quality, regardless of what was playing, so I can confirm this is useful for whatever device you choose. The jack is a bit wide (and heavy duty to avoid damage over time) for use in my phone with the case on. It fits and works, but it’s a squeeze. One night when I had insomnia, I listened to a 75 minutes hip hop musical by Todrick Hall laying next to my wife. The low volume felt incredibly loud with the 7.1 surround sound and the music never creeped out, letting her rest none-the-wiser. Lastly, I wanted to mention that I played mobile games using the headphones and holy cow! I’ve played this particular game for over a year and for the first time, I heard a whole new side of the soundtrack. The bass came through so strongly, it was like listening to something completely new. When Thrustmaster advertises over-boosted bass, they are not kidding around!

The most important test for a gaming headset is, of course, performance during gameplay. Just so we’re clear, I am not a “gamer” nor have I ever been, so the main use for these was not tested by me. However, my 18 year old brother-in-law is and was more than happy to give them a try. According to him, they worked very well and covered a full array of sounds. He normally uses a Sony headset and said this does just as good as his normal one does, even though the design differences took some getting used to. He did really like the Sound Commander attachment that connects to his PS4 controller and adjusts sound output without taking your hands off the controls. Overall, he said he would recommend them to anyone looking for high quality sound and performance.

The best way to sum up my overall impression would be in a pros/cons list:


Amazing sound quality with multiple devices

All about that bass

Powerful speakers for an immersive experience

Detachable accessories are quite useful

Stylish design, with popping color and decal


Big and bulky makes these hard to miss

Minor inconveniences to design

Implied preference for PS4 users

For these reasons, I have to give the Thrustmaster Headset 350P, Ghost Recon Wildlands Edition a score of FOUR out of FIVE STARS!

Take a look at this and other amazing products via the Thrustmaster website HERE

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