TerrorCon 2017

The amazing folks over at Altered Reality Entertainment hosted Terror Con at the Dunkin Donuts Conventions Center Hall D back in February.  The show had a plethora of guests from the world of horror, comic artists and tons of horror based collectibles.

There was a handful of awesome cosplay, tons of booths where you can get your face done, there were some booths where you an act out scenes from horror movies. There were also a few well known tattoo artists inking on site!

The show had about maybe 8 to 11 aisles. Each was setup with enough space that you’re not pushing people. The aisles all had a very diverse mix of goods, from toys, to comics, to artists to tattoo artists! There were 2 vendors that had some of the most our there b horror movies ever produced and some rare gems in Blu-Ray! Towards the back they had a number of horror icons such as Kane Hodder, Malcolm McDowell, R. A. Mihailoff, David Naughton, Sid Haig and more!  The prices were fair and all the vendors were very friendly as were the fans that attended. The Altered Reality staff did a great job of answering questions and making sure people were kept informed of panels via very loud and clear announcements!

Classic Horror Icons Panel at Terrorcon

Interview with EIC of Altered Reality Comics, Ian Nichols

Interview with creator, Chris Campana

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The show was small BUT it was  a lot of fun, inexpensive and if you happen to be in RI next year and are into horror, I’d say make sure to visit this show, you will be pleasantly surprised!

***A shout out to Maze Matthews for allowing us to use the  videos he created at TerrorCon, 2 of which Al Mega was volunteer cameraman.

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