Thanos: The Infinity Revelation Review


STORY BY Jim Starlin

ART BY Jim StarlinAndy Smith

COLORS BY Frank D’Armata

COVER BY Jim Starlin

PUBLISHER Marvel Comics


Jim Starlin treats us to another cosmic epic in this latest of the Marvel Original Graphic Novel line

that they are coming out with at the moment and this one delivers everything a Marvel cosmic fan

could want and more.

Starlin’s pencils are quite simply beautiful to behold they have that 80’s Marvel cosmic feel yet the

coloring and inking from D’Armata and Andy Smith bring this book into the modern day with a

bang. Each scene in space especially with characters such as Infinity and Eternity are simply beautiful

and some of the scenes in this book take your breath away with their inventiveness. From opening

the first page this going to be a well-drawn story that will really captivate your imagination even if it

is about everyone’s favorite mass murdering maniac, Thanos. One of the things Starlin does so well

is bring out Thanos’ emotions and expressions in each panel. You can tell when he is contemplating,

elated with joy and being downright evil from panel to panel, sometimes on the same page.

The story is quite a simple set up that becomes very quirky very quickly. Thanos is feeling out of

sorts, as he describes it “an imbalance with myself and the universe” and sets off on a quest to

discover the source of this imbalance. As this is Marvel cosmic book some fan favorites pop in and

out of the story but nothing feels shoehorned in. My only issue was with the ending, whilst if Starlin

so chooses this storyline could continue (and I hope it does, either picked up in a Marvel monthly

title or another graphic novel), it felt like a very “put the toys back in the box” kind of ending, apart

from a few minor details and plot threads everything is once again as it was, retaining the status

quo. I think long-time fans of Starlin’s cosmic work will take more out of it than those picking it up to

discover more about Thanos. However, this does not take away the joy of the book overall the story

has many twists and turns and you will be enthralled trying to figure out what the end game is in this


One of the things Starlin does so well with his creation is make you like Thanos. For those who follow

the monthly Marvel titles this is a guy that has recently been shown to be wondering around the

galaxy in his early years brutally murdering all of his children, or decimating earth whilst the

Avengers were off fighting a galactic scale war. This guy is evil, insane and a downright maniac but, in

this book you can’t help but like him. He comes across as a more tragic figure in his own titles, he

even cracks to odd joke on occasion and whilst reading this book you want him and his allies to

succeed. It’s almost as if he is a truly neutral character, much like Galactus, he is more a force of

nature than downright evil and will step in to help when it is in his best interests to do so (usually

before stabbing people in the back like in the Thanos Imperative).

Overall I cannot recommend this book enough, everyone will take something out of it. Whether a

long time fan or a new convert to Marvel cosmic (thanks to a certain movie that came out recently)

it is a joy to read. An intriguing story with great characters, good action and a plot that leaves you

wanting more.


By Matt Deery

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