The Crusaders Celebrate Kirby’s 100th!

The Comic Crusaders Team took part in the #WakeUpAndDraw / #Kirby100 social media event to honor one of the Masters of Comic-Dom, Jack”The King” Kirby.

Check out our submissions below:

Lashina by Johnny “The Machine Hughes

Orion by Tracy Sayers

Darkseid by 13th Crusader

Orion by Al Mega

Crystal by Jennifer DeRoss

Darkseid by J.P Harvey

Demon, Super Skrull, Red Skull, The Thing & Mr. Miracle by Shane “Dodgy” Tydeman

Orion by Josh ‘The Random Dude” Einfalt

Darkseid by John “Dollar Bill” Jones

Anyone interested in having their Fan Art Featured hit us up via our About us page!

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