The Legacy of Steve Dillon

Game Over. I was hooked. This was my first taste of Dillon. There was no turning back after that.

Steve Dillon is gone. I’m sitting in my office staring at the Punisher hardcover I picked up years ago. It’s the trade that has the “Welcome Back Frank” story line in it. Another hit series he had worked on with fellow Preacher creator Garth Ennis. Perhaps one of the best tandems in the history of comics… if not- then these two men are certainly in the top five.

I wanted this article to be something special, I wanted it to say something—more than how great Mr. Dillon was and how sad it is that he is gone. I never met the man. I only knew him through his work… maybe it’s there that the true legacy lies.

Comic creators achieve immortality. Long after they have come and gone their creations remain. Some fade away in quarter bins, others live on with no end in sight. I mean it happened to the likes of Jack Kirby, Bob Kane, Michael Turner—the list goes on and on. It’s in the lines and the story that these masters of imagination transcend time and space. They poured their hearts and souls into their work and there they shall remain, frozen in time; captured with their passion. We are but a part of their immortality, keeping them alive by sharing their words and their works. Now Steve Dillon is among the infinite. His work will live on.

For a generation of fans he was the visual outlet for his mad minded writing partner. He took us to heaven and dragged us through hell in the pages of Preacher. We rode shotgun with Frank Castle and watched as the bullets flew by, we dispensed justice in Mega City One with Judge Dredd. He is there in between the pages, waiting for us to share his lifetime of work with one another.


Steve Dillon 1962-2016 —He punished preachers and preached to punishers. Long may he be remembered.



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