The Lone Aussie Comic Crusader at Oz Comic Con!

G’Day all,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix telling you about my day at Oz Comic Con in Sydney on Saturday 26th 2015.

After a number of years of Oz Comic Con being held only in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. This is the second year that Oz Comic Con has been in Sydney.

Oz Comic Con, is the Australian equivalent of the U.S style Comic Cons which includes our Sydney-based comic shops and others from Melbourne and Adelaide, there are gaming shops, BBC shops, Cos Play weaponry shops, anime/manga shops, shops that sell old cartoon cells and many other treasures for your nerdy needs.

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To give you an idea, most of the products for sale are those from the U.S, no different from those based in the States. The stores previously mentioned the newest comics, figures, statues and anything pop culture. Other stores sell semi-vintage to vintage figures and comics with value from the 2000’s to the 1970’s. Some stores make their own products hand made which is pretty cool, most notably by Brad Gunn.

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Close to my heart was checking out and speaking to the Independent Comic creators based in Australia, I spent a great deal of money on behalf of Comic Crusaders and am proud enough to read and review all their work. Check it out over time (as I bought over 30 books!) and some of the creators would appreciate the feedback and show their love of their own creations!

I watched the Cos Play Competition and took dozens of photos of the contestants from wayyyyy back in the stands, was almost standing room only!

20150926_135453 20150926_160743 20150926_145001 20150926_141803 20150926_135443 20150926_135430 20150926_135436

Guys, I will post more pics over time about my dodgy adventure.

If have any questions, drop me a line on Twitter @dodgy86inthemix

Thanks @OzComicCon and thanks to the comic guys I meet!


Peace and love TeamCC, love comics and love the fans!


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