The Machine “Takes On” Paddy McGuinness – The Category “Batman”

Over here in the UK, Sunday has become a bit of a battleground as contestants “Take On” (a word play on the successful Paddy McGuinness show “Take Me Out”), host Paddy McGuiness over bragging rights over a particular subject.  The prize on offer is a paid for Sunday lunch for the contestant and their family.  To lose you endure Paddy’s victorious vitriol.

This weekend, The Machine took on McGuinness with the category being “Batman”.  Here is how it went (apologies for the low quality and Mrs H laughing):-

The result should come as no real surprise to anyone who listens to TDC.  For the record, I donated the monetary value of the prize to UK Charity “Cash 4 Kids” which provides toys and games for under privileged  children.

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