KICKSTARTER ALERT: The Sensational G-Girl is Back: Meet America’s Teen-Aged Transgender Heroine!

SEXY! POWERFUL! STRONG! America’s teenaged transgender heroine, the SENSATIONAL G-GIRL, stars in a brand-new comic book adventure!

Here she comes! She’s America’s sexiest teenaged TG heroine! And she’s starring in a brand-new comic book! She’s Billi Jayne Jensen, the SENSATIONAL G-GIRL!

In the sixth issue of her very own comics magazine, Heroic Publishing’s G-Girl takes on the super-stretchy RUBBER-BAND MAN. He thinks it’s dangerous for a pretty teenaged girl to be out there doing superhero things all by herself. She thinks he’s an idiot.

Heroic Publishing is just about ready to take this sixth issue of SENSATIONAL G-GIRL to press, and is looking to KickStarter to help them to do that. And the thing about that is that the G-Girl KickStarter pretty amazingly reached its goal on DAY ONE, even before any publicity about it could be sent out!

The G-Girl’s fans have spoken. The question now is: With a full three weeks left to go, how far into the stretch goal for issue #7 will the G-Girl KickStarter get?

If you’d like to make a pledge, or even if you’re just curious to find out who the Sensational G-Girl is, you can visit her KickStarter at And Billi Jayne can always use your help spreading the word about this KickStarter far and wide on social media.

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