Nightmare on Elm Street meets Sesame Street in this horror-mystery series with heart.
A seven-year-old girl and her plush rabbit, Stabbity Bunny, are targeted by supernatural forces that have been hunting her family for generations.  Grace is kidnapped and things quickly turn from dangerous to deadly when she attempts to escape.  Fortunately, both Grace and the kidnapper will discover Stabbity has secrets of his own … and nobody threatens his little girl.
Richard Rivera has been writing comic book treatments since elementary school, but just few years ago started self-publishing STABBITY BUNNY.  A native Floridian, he enjoys nature photography and has a rescue menagerie at home that even includes a small family of ducks.  Having pursued several creative projects in his careers, a highlight being the interior design of the museum store at the Harn Museum of Art, Richard has come back to his first passion, comic books.
Dwayne Biddix, the artist and visual designer for STABBITY BUNNY, has been drawing since the age of three.  He has illustrated nationally distributed comic series as well as artwork for Topps cards, games, and movie storyboards.  Living in North Carolina with the love of his life, Audra, he is working hard to make his real life as awe-inspiring as it is in his head.
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