The Unstopabble Rise Of The Dark Knight

There are few superheroes as well known and well loved as Batman. A caped crusader unlike any other comic book hero, Batman has been transported into the world of film, television, games and even action figures to create a timeless symbol of justice for millions of people around the world.

The Small Screen

Batman first arrived in 1939, when he crept out from the shadows in the pages of Detective Comics No. 27, and was an instant hit with comic book lovers. But it wasn’t until the 1960s when he was first released from comic books and delivered to the fans in screen form. Running from 1966 to 1968, the show quickly became a cultural phenomenon that not only earned the dark knight new fans but also encouraged much of its audience to revisit the world of comic books. Of course, Batman has made many other television appearances over the years, although mainly in animated form. However, it’s the 1966 version that continues to be a hit with old fans and new fans alike.

The Big Screen

There have been an impressive 10 Batman films made since the iconic superhero first hit the screens, beginning with a big screen spin-off of the adored television series (Note: Batman first was on the silver screen in 1943 with a 15 part serial and then again in 1949). However, the caped crusader has also appeared in a few more spin-offs in that time. Sadly, the eclectic jumble of on-screen portrayals has received mixed reviews, but Christopher Nolan’s 2005 to 2012 trilogy is often considered the most successful yet. Featuring the likes of Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Tom Hardy, Heath Ledger and Anne Hathaway, these films brought together some of Hollywood’s finest stars to create a series fit for even the truest of fans.

Gaming Culture

Batman has appeared in 19 games in total, ranging from the basic 3D isometric Batman of 1986 to the 2013 release of Batman: Arkham Origins. Naturally, the game play differs quite significantly between the games, but what remains is the feeling that this particular superhero was made for video games. Batman has even hit the casinos, and top brand Betway have been one of the first to catch on to this popular franchise. With a variety of games on offer, their slots include Mega Moolah and the ever popular Immortal Romance. However, it’s The Dark Knight Rises that draws so many casino-loving film fans into the online world of Betway.

Action Figure

Batman action figures have been available from the beginning, and it’s almost impossible to enter a toy store without coming across a new portrayal of the dark knight. His popularity has been so great that many toymakers have capitalised with the release of other famous Batman characters, from The Joker and Catwoman to countless version of sidekick Robin. The continued release of television programmes and films also helped to boost toy sales, and new post-movie versions of Gotham’s crime fighter have sent kids wild with excitement for decades.

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