TOP 10 Worst Comic Book Movies of ALL Time!!!

After a short conversation with a fellow Crusaders follower on Google+ (Warren Stewart) it occurred to me that we inadvertently made a top 10 list of the ALL TIME worst comic book movies EVER made in this short conversation, it was a quick conversation, but after looking through it, it’s PERFECT! Why? After watching all these new amazing comic book movies that are being released and those inspired by comics made me think of the old days when we so anticipated great comic book movies that truly represented our beloved characters, which is what I discussed with Warren, we would imagine it would be this amazing special effects free for all showing how powerful our favorite character or team was, and what did we get? Movies like the following, CC presents OUR Top 10 Worst CBM’s of all time:

#10 – Ghost Rider – I’m sorry but I cannot take Nicholas Cage serious as Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider, this casting error is the beginning of a long list of items with this movie, but let’s keep it limited (and be nice) for now. The effects were sub par, the acting was horrible and storyline was soft, this is what makes this #10!


#9 – Hulk – Ang Lee’s Hulk was an attempt, at the time, to bring our favorite jade giant to the forefront, yet it failed, it’s long plot line felt like a boring live action manga movie, to much talk, not enough action, and the effects on the look of the Hulk were less than pleasing. Good try but not good enough!


#8 – Howard the Duck – I do love this film for it’s cheesiness, however, truth be told, we all know this is a poorly made film of a character with much more potential than was displayed in this mockery of a movie. Hopefully Marvel will get it right soon!


#7 – Catwoman – Do I really have to say anything?


#6 – Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Michael Knight, I mean, David Hasselhoff, THE HOFF, casts as Nick Fury, now who thought that would be a good idea? This was just a z class movie, dialogue, acting, effects, all of it, was just a nightmare. I dare you to make it through this movie without getting a white hair streak or losing an eye of your own.

280px-Nick-fury-agent-of-shield-movie-poster-486x700a az class

#5 – Daredevil – I tried to give this movie a chance, seriously, but Ben Affleck was just not believable in this role, hence my uneasiness with him being Batman! I do not want to go on a rant here, so let’s just leave it at this should you need to put your kid to sleep, then this movie works wonders!


#4 – Captain America (1994) – I was so excited at the time when I heard it was coming out. Then I saw it, wow, what a lame flick! No words can describe just how bad this movie is, as we get closer to # 1 less and less can be said with out using swear words to describe just how bad these films were.


#3 – Steel – Now, who thought that Shaq can act? At the time, understood he was a “name”, but that was in sports, not acting! Why waste tape and time to produce this crappy film? The effects were NOT at all special, and are in fact terrible, which is ironic because so is the plot, the acting, and generally everything else in this so- called superhero movie.


#2 – Batman and Robin – George Clooney as Batman? Arnold Schwarznegger as Mr. Freeze? Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl, c’mon! This is the worst cast of any superhero film in history. None of the actors in this film were able to truly invoke the characters they played. It was just horrendous and an insult to Batman fans worldwide!




#1 – Rogers Corman’s The Fantastic Four – OMG – Have you ever seen this? There’s a scene where Mr. Fantastic “stretches” his arm and its so stiff and you actually see the string holding the arm in place, lol, hilarious!! The effect’s were just horrible, the story was blasphemy! The Thing looks like Toxic Avenger with straight eyes, I’m telling you this is THE Worst comic book movie EVER, but if you’re into cheesy movies then this is a treat for you!


Dis-Honorable mentions that just missed the list:



Spider-Man 3


Superman 3


Superman 4



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