TOY NEWS: Masters of the Universe Ultimate Line

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Check out some awesome figures released by Super7 and Matty Collector!

Super7 will be releasing Masters of the Universe Ultimates Line, this is a version of our favorite hero He-Man and our favorite enemy Skeletor. Don’t forget warriors Teela and Ram-man and Skeletor’s own He-Man cloned hench-man Faker. Each figure comes with a variety of awesome weaponry and changeable head accessories.





At SDCC 2016 Super7 released the first MOTU episode in over 30 years in the original Filmation layout titled The Curse of the Three Terrors, view it here:
Now there are figures from the very show including Possessed Skeletor, Terror Bat, Terror Jaguar and Terror Wolf reflecting the vintage look.

Another exciting piece of news: On November 10th 2016, Funko have handed the rights to ReAction Figures back to Super7 effective immediately. Super7 partnered with Funko, LLC to produce the cool ReAction figures giving TV/Movie licenses a toy line reflecting the look of the Kenner Star Wars figures of the early 80s. Funko will continue their focus on the highly successful Pop Vinyls. To check out Super7 store, click here:

While Super7 will take over the franchise at the closure of 2016, meanwhile Mattel are still releasing some cool MOTU figures as well as Thundercats. In their previous release was Filmation Evil Lynn (1980’s TV series) and Thundercat’s Jackal Man.

On 15th November is MOTU figure Tuskador from the New Adventures of He-Man and Pumyra the first female feline from Matty’s Thundercats toyline.

Here’s a look:

To check out more from Matty Collector, jump right here:

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