Toy Review: Dark Knight Returns Batman & Robin

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This is Dodgy in the mix, bringing you a Toy Review of the DC Multiverse Dark Knight Returns Batman and Robin by Mattel. Purchased from Zing! Pop-Culture Store.

When you think of your favourite Batman toy, which would you think? The Superpowers figure from the early-to-mid 1980’s with the clean shiny grey finish with the sky blue cape,boots,gloves and cowl? Or would you would you go the black Batman outfit from the Movie in 1989? Or even the Animated Series figures that got us glues to our TV sets in the 1990’s?
To be honest, they are all exceptionally cool figures.

I was always intrigued by the Batman I mostly saw only in the Wizard magazines, the batman that looked very weird and at times seen in that clunky costumes. Before the unquestionably popular film Batman VS Superman was released, this antithetic version of Batman was only known to True Comic fans and that is the Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller.

I have seen DKR figures on sale at my Local Comic Store and online sellers (particular the boxed set consisting of Batman, Robin, Joker and Superman) at extravagant prices. Seeing these at my local Zing! store for $28 each ($21.51 USD or 17.39GBP), I thought it was quite the steal that I cannot miss!

This is part of the New 52 Doomsday build a figure range, this set includes DKR’s Batman, Robin, Mutant Leader and Lex Luther from BVS, CW’s Supergirl and Superman Doomed.

See my video of unboxing these figures HERE

The Batman figure stands just under 7 inches in height (just over 13cm) and is a big unit, he is in his outfit where he combats Superman in the finale of DKR. The lack of head movement is forgiven for the immaculate facial expression. There are some limitations in the knee and elbow joints that lack the articulation of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line however I’m just damn happy to have this figure. I aim to only pose this figure so I am happy to have Bats looking stiff in his clunky outfit. My only ‘True’ gripe is the size of his gun as it is too small for his quite large gauntlet, you too will see this on the video.

And now the Carrie Kelley Robin which stands over stands over 5 inches (12cm), I too am delighted with the look of this figure. She has the true look of the comic with the iconic red, green and yellow colors of the costume down pat. This has a few more pitfalls than Batman, her hand to grip the slingshot accessory does allow it to go all the way through which means you will have to pick it up often once she drops it. The articulation is the major draw back, head movement is only side-to-side and the rotating joints in her feet are restricted by her shoes. Mainly is the elbow joins that I have not yet attempted to bend in fear of breakage.

Here I placed my DKR Batman and Robin against my Knock Off DKR Batman I purchased from Ebay, there is a significance of quality in the sculpt as well as the joints. Also I have Bats compared with Frank Miller’s Marv from Sin city.

As far as figures go and despite the noted flaws, these are pretty cool for any Bat-fan or a fan of the great Frank Miller and for the price you gotta do ya’self a favor and pick them up!

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