Transformers Primacy #1 Review

 The end of the beginning!

·      The final chapter of monumental Cybertron War trilogy!

·      Written by World of Warcraft and Diablo’s Chris Metzen and the legendary Transformers writer Flint Dille!

·      Variant Cover by Casey Coller!

·      Art by fan-favorite Livio Ramondelli!



Transformers Primacy really shows off everything that was great about the Generation 1 of Transformers in this new number 1 from IDW.

Stunning is one word I would use to describe the art in this book, Ramondelli has never made the Transformers look better. Cybertron looks like a living breathing world that threatens to absorb you whilst you are reading this book, teeming with life and lights it is an awesome sight to behold. Each of the characters looks exactly as you expect them and you can tell great care and attention has been paid to reproducing these characters on the page. Grimlock looks imposing downright dangerous, Optimus looks taciturn and every inch the leader and Megatron just looks downright evil. From the art perspective everything is there that you would expect from the transformers and more.

This issue picks up not long after the Autobots have finally retaken the city of Iacon on Cybertron and a period of peace is currently reigning so Prime and Ironhide have taken a leave of absence that has some interesting turns whilst of course, Megatron is plotting his revenge. There are some great character moments in this book that show the transformers as more than just robots that fight each other to death and it is fantastic to see. The franchise has been sullied for me recently with the Michael Bay movies that took a lot of what was great about the Transformers and diluted it, namely the characters not the fighting. This book gets to the heart of the matter each of these characters has their own unique voice and the writing team convey these perfectly. The plot sets up some interesting possibilities for the future which will have fans really excited for the next issue.

Transformers Primacy is everything you can want in a Transformers comic, intrigue, great characters and a sense of fun and adventure that the franchise has always been known for. The art is beautiful and it focus’ on character more than fists and laser blast that creates a truly compelling read that anyone who is a fan of the Gen 1 era will fall in love with all over again.


By Matt Deery

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