Underoos Launches New Character Styles for the Nerdiest Tighty-Whities Ever!

Remember Underoos, “The underwear that’s fun to wear™”? Well, you don’t have to be a kid (or pre-serum Steve Rogers-sized) to enjoy ‘em anymore!  Underoos has now launched an ecommerce site with a full line of superhero-themed unmentionables in Youth and Adult sizes, for the kid in all of us.

Remember that awesome feeling you got when you wore your Spiderman or Skeletor Underoos to school under your jeans & tee shirt? Recapture the magic and bring out your inner superhero at the office – with your Captain America undies on under your suit, you’ll have the confidence to rock that pitch meeting! (Please note: Underoos are not recommended as Outeroos. We are so not responsible for you getting fired.)

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Sizing & Pricing

  •  Guy’s set ($24.99) includes an undershirt and briefs in men sizes up to XXL.
  •  Gal sets ($24.99) include a tank and panties in sizes that fit up to a women’s 2XL/16.
  • Youth sets ($19.99) are available in sizes XS (4) through M (8).
  • Extended size set ($29.99) includes a tank and panties in sizes that fit up to women’s 4X/28 and an undershirt and briefs in men sizes up to 4X/62.

New Styles Include

  • For Men (GUYS)
    • Darth Vader
    • Dead Pool
    • Power Ranger – Green
    • Superman – Extended sizing (3X-4X)
  • For Women (GALS)
    • Supergirl
    • Power Ranger – Pink
    • Wonder Woman – Extended sizing (3X-4X)

Check out ALL the great styles Underoos have to offer here

About Underoos 

Underoos has been making character underwear since 1977, transforming generations of kids into their favorite characters from cartoons and movies. We’re re-releasing classic Underoos designs and new character sets with modern fabrics and design elements, to keep you comfortable and confident all day long.

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