UNITY #10 Review

STORY BY: Matt Kindt

ART BY: Stephen Segovia

COVER BY: Mico SuayanDonovan SantiagoRussell Dauterman

PUBLISHER: Valiant Entertainment


Valiant’s epic summer event continues in style with the latest instalment of Unity showcasing some

quieter character moments from characters that I would not have expected in this issue.

One of the most surprising aspects of this issue is that Kindt chooses to focus a large portion of this

issue on GIN-GR and gives some great character development to what is initially just presented as

the shop and HQ of the Armor Hunters. It really tugs at heart strings with this character

development and you really get a sense for the motivations of the character and see GIN-GR in a

new light considering not long ago it had just levelled New Mexico. The rest of the issue focus’ on

Ninjak and The Eternal Warrior making their way back to the US. This sequence can be summed up

in one word, badass. Kindt showcases just how awesome Ninjak is letting him take centre stage in a

fight sequence that is just awesome; it’s so much fun to watch this play out on the page.

Segovia’s art is just gorgeous there is great range in this issue showcasing his talents in space with

mechanical constructs and again on the ground with more organic characters. The fight scenes again

are well choreographed and it conveys a real sense of movement when in one scene Ninjak is falling

through the sky ready to plunge his swords into a hound. Every panel is beautiful and the colors are

just gorgeous especially on GIN-GR the blues are so vibrant that the just leap off the page.

Unity is a great tie in to the Armor Hunters storyline; it provides great development for character

that in this type of story would not usually receive it. There is also great action and it ties into the

overall storyline really well, and shows that Valiant knows how to do a crossover really well.


By Matt Deery

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