REVIEW: Velvet #8

Written by Ed Brubaker
Art by Steve Epting, Elizabeth Breitweiser
Published by Image Comics
Release Date: November 5, 2014

Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting kick things into high gear with this latest issue of Velvet, allowing the story to move at a breakneck pace and providing some great action set pieces to provide a very satisfying issue.

This whole issue revolves around Velvet infiltrating her former employers headquarters for a reason that may come as a great surprise as Brubaker pulls the rug from under our feet as to just why she is there. This issue comes as a surprise considering the last couple of issues were Velvet has been running rings around the agency in a deadly game of cat and mouse, now she takes them head on in a series of satisfying cinematic action sequences that help this issue move at a break neck pace.

The most compelling thing about this book continues to be Brubaker’s more personal touch on the traditional spy story, Bond, Velvet Templeton is not and she is such a compelling character that the more that is revealed of her and her skill set the more I fall in love with her. Adding in Brubaker’s take on morality and espionage and it is clear to see the toll it has taken on the main character after only 8 issues it becomes clear that she cannot go back to the life of a retired secretary and that the mysteries will continue to build throughout this arc and into the future.

Epting’s work on this book as been nothing short of amazing and he proves himself once again a master of his craft with this issue. This book is usually very dark with a heavy use of shadows to enhance the mystery and dread at the places Velvet has had to go. However, things turn on their head in this issue as a lot of it takes place in daylight whilst it retains that very noir feel it breaks up that sense of mystery and brightens up the atmosphere for this big showdown between Velvet and Arc-7.

Overall Velvet proves once again to be one of the best books on the stands, with each issue being better than the last. Sending the story off into completely new places, Brubaker and Epting deliver another solid issue and continually show why everyone should check this book out.

By Matt Deery



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