VIDEO PREVIEW: The Living Finger from Darby Pop

“The Living Finger is a classic Boy meets Girl story… assuming the Girl is a severed finger, and the Boy is tasked with finding her a living host to attach to.” 

When well-meaning Jason discovers a disembodied finger that appears to be “alive,” it quickly becomes the sole focus of his life.  He names the digit “Wendy,” learns to communicate with it via “tap code,” and discovers that the one thing Wendy wants more than anything else is a living, breathing human body to attach to.  But, as soon as Jason helps Wendy secure an unwitting “host,” problems arise.  Soon, Jason has collected a bathtub full of corpses, a rightly suspicious sister, and a best friend hell-bent on selling Wendy to the highest bidder.  Even worse, Jason is beginning to realize that he may have acted a bit rashly, especially when Wendy begins displaying an unhealthy fascination with knives.  Is there any way for Jason to set things right without becoming another casualty?

VIDEO: The Living Finger TPB Preview – Writer Garth Matthams

With a quirky sense of humor and a strong focus on relationships, The Living Finger could be the slightly-drunken love child of films such as Cabin in the WoodsEx Machina, and Bride of FrankensteinThe Living Finger is quiet, small-scale horror that focuses heavily on its characters, their relationships, and the ultimate repercussions of ill-advised actions.

THE LIVING FINGER has received praise quotes from key figures in the horror space and top “comic book” websites:

  • “A macabre modern fairy tale for horror fans.” – Derek Mears (FRIDAY THE 13th, DEAD SNOW, SLEEPY HOLLOW)
  • “I’ve always said women have more smarts – and, apparently, murderous impulses – in their little finger…” – Tyler Mane (HALLOWEEN, X-MEN)
  • “Fiendishly Fun….Classic Art meets Bizarre Horror…just what the Doctor Ordered!” – Glenn Hetrick (FACE-OFF)
  • “Deliciously weird and twisted, just like every comic centered around a severed finger with a conscience should be.” – Adam Green (HATCHET franchise)
  • The Living Finger is intriguing. The comic’s title might sound like a Roger Corman movie, but this book is hardly horror schlock.” – Ain’t It Cool News
  • The Living Finger is strange as hell and crazy. But that’s not a bad thing. I was never bored.” – Forces of Geek
  • The Living Finger…is a series to keep an eye on.” – The Fandom Post

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