Story: James Wallace
Art: Johnny Larocque
publisher: www.SadSacks.ca

If you need a quick laugh before you get the day started, head over to www.sadsacks.ca. I know, there’s a million indie web comics out there and a lot of them are less than stellar. But the Sad Sacks creative team of James Wallace and Johnny Laroque are putting out some pretty funny stuff. The series revolves around a guy named James and his lunch sack, who speaks to him. They joke and argue about a variety of different topics, a lot of which are common scenarios that people run into. It makes some of the bits relatable as you read them, and i’m guessing Wallace has written some of the pieces from his own experiences. Johnny Larocque’s art is very simple, which works well for the series. His depictions of the main character are consistent, which is important because he’s essentially the only character in the stories.

A lot of the installments are funny. Some are not. Some of the jokes are straight forward, and some are for those with a twisted sense of humor. Overall, I’d say this is a well done project. Each installment is only 2-4 panels and only takes a few seconds to read. You can breeze through a bunch during a train or bus ride to work, or you can read one at your desk every morning before getting your day started. Updates occur ever Monday, Wednesday and Friday over at www.sadsacks.ca.



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