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Creator: Becca Hillburn
Webcomic: 7″ Kara

Summary: 7″ Kara has quite a self-explanatory title. Kara is very small, a member of a race called the Lilliputians, who live alongside humanity. Kara has always believed that humans were a myth. But when a new family of humans prepare to move into the property that she calls home, Kara is finally told the truth of the massive world that exists outside of hers. Unfortunately for Kara, her people’s varying views on humans are about to change her life, one way or another.

Story: The story of 7″ Kara has not developed so far that I can give a definitive verdict on its structure, but I can talk about its technique. The writing is very simple and cute, sticking by the “all-ages” moniker by being easy to follow for any reader. Kara herself is headstrong and curious, the type of character that would make for a great role model in any children’s story.

The world of this webcomic is reminiscent of classics like FernGully and Thumbelina; and already the groundwork is being laid for this comic to present a moral allegory. It honestly has all the hallmarks of a great children’s book.

Art: 7″ Kara is created with traditional media, something rare for webcomics. The watercolor pages are light and fresh, with expressive characters and well-thought-out environments. The textures and style of the comic are reminiscent of quintessential youth literature as well, really providing a warm and familiar experience to the reader all-around. It would be nice to see such a traditional, hand-crafted-feeling comic also feature hand-lettering, but in webcomics we do what we can!

The one thing that I will say negatively about 7″ Kara is that the website is not the most intuitive. Being able to click on the pages in order to progress through the story is a webcomic staple and would be a nice addition for the site. Additionally, there is a plethora of “bonus art” included at the beginning that I think could ideally be moved to a side gallery.

Conclusion7″ Kara might not be groundbreaking, but it is a nice break in the normal trend of webcomics. It’s still fairly new, as well, so check this comic out and get caught up from the beginning! It won’t take very long, and the art alone is worth it.

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