WEBCOMIC WEDNESDAY REVIEW: Anarchy Dreamers (Now on Kickstarter!)

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Creator: Emily Ree
Webcomic: Anarchy Dreamers


Summary: Anarchy Dreamers is a vibrant and outrageous webcomic about a group of teenagers who have come back from the dead, finding themselves gifted with extraordinary abilities, frightening enemies, and healthy cases of amnesia. Determined to fight back against the nightmares that threaten to bring reality out of balance (despite the legality of such a course of action), the young dreamers set out on a journey to unravel the conspiracy of the Sacred Heart Incident that gave rise to them and others and set things right.

Story: Using dreaming, death, and empowerment as its foils; Anarchy Dreamers tackles many real-life issues in a bubblegum punk story filled with reference humor and energetic dialogue. In fact, the dialogue is one of the most enjoyable parts of the storytelling in this webcomic. There is a natural quality to the youthful exchanges that serve to carry the story forward instead of bogging things down. This is a trapping that many comic creators fall into, but Emily Ree manages to strike an ideal balance of words and images. Pacing is a bit slow to begin with, but picks up drastically around the second issue, and the plot quickly evolves into good, lively fun.


Art: The art in this series is easily its best quality. It is somewhat niche, and won’t appeal to every reader, but Anarchy Dreamers does the style that it does very well. Pages are constructed thoughtfully, using unique combinations of panels. The characters are simple and easy to recognize on the page (usually, though fight scenes do occasionally get muddy). The colors are exceptionally well done, and even the lettering and effects are visually impressive.


There are areas that could use improvement; the aforementioned fight scenes, to name one. There are also a few places where the colors become overwhelming, losing their impact by over-saturating the reader. This is the style of the comic, I understand, but there are still times where I believe fewer colors could have been used to cover more of the page to greater effect. Lastly, there was a couple of typos, but nothing too major.

Conclusion: Anarchy Dreamers is great webcomic fare with appealing visuals and themes. It’s definitely one of the more upbeat series out there, even when handling darker moments. If you enjoyed comics that I’ve reviewed such as #Wafflefry or Heroes of Thantopolis (though it’s much less family friendly than this one), then give Anarchy Dreamers a go! Better yet, check out their Kickstarter for the whole first volume. If you have friends that like silly, punk-y cartoons or comics, point them in this direction.

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