Creators: Taz Muir; Shelby Cragg
Webcomic Link: Apothecia (Web); (Print)

Summary: Jessie is a young girl who finds herself in a precarious dilemma. When confronted with an absolute and pure manifestation of evil, she is given the choice to let it live or to let it die. She knows that killing is wrong, but she also knows that this alien creature is wrong. It poses an indefinite threat to the universe, and yet, it is at her mercy. This comic follows her actions, or lack thereof, and their impact on the world.

Story: Apothecia is written brilliantly. Taz Muir’s tone and pacing is perfect for the gravity of what it is. The alien’s dialogue is entertaining, and Jessie’s struggle is palpable. It all has meaning and depth, things you begin to pick up on as it goes. And the ending, especially, is worth sticking through the whole story. This is something that draws me in when reading, and something that any one-shot or short story should strive to emulate: the ability to make the reader feel something in the precious time that it has the reader’s attention.


Art: Shelby Cragg’s art balances a cartoon-ish innocence and a dark grit wonderfully. This is something that fans of things like Harrow County should recognize and enjoy. The quality is as good as any print comic with unique layouts and big, bombastic images and colors. Even the lettering in this comic is gorgeous and eye-catching.

Conclusion: Apothecia is a web-comic that I read some time ago, and it is one of the ones that really opened my eyes to the kind of quality and power that I thought the medium often lacked. I would be lying through my teeth if I said it hadn’t inspired me. I would recommend this comic to anyone who is physically capable of reading comics and feeling feelings. And if you do read it and enjoy it, I’d implore that you check out the creators’ other works or support them by buying a print copy.

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