Creators: Aaron Walther and Edwin Bickford

Webcomic Link: Birdlander

Summary: Birdlander is a post-apocalyptic comic about a young woman named Sumi, who is in search of a mythical figure, the titular Birdlander. While searching, she finds an older woman who tells her a story about the man that she’s seeking. The elements of the story seem almost impossible, but Sumi knows some of the truth behind the Birdlander’s legend, and carries on her journey.

Story: The writing in Birdlander is very good. It has a solid structure, classic hooks, and a nice, steady pacing. The pages invite the reader to continue on, to continue unraveling the mystery. The concept itself is not incredibly unique yet, but is done well enough that I, personally, would not be worried about it. Lots of the classic tropes of post-apocalyptic stories like Mad Max or Into the Badlands seem to be present and it will definitely appeal to the same sorts of fans.

Art: Edwin Bickford’s art in this comic is not only excellent, but it’s unique. While not the most technically correct on occasion, the style is gritty, desaturated, and wonderfully fitting of the setting and world. There’s a rough, loose feeling that it conveys that really goes a long way towards immersing the reader. Panels are laid out well, allowing the reader to follow the page effortlessly.


Conclusion: Birdlander is an excellent webcomic, and one that I would definitely recommend to fans of the post-apocalyptic genre. More than that, the art makes it something that I’d like to have on my shelf at home in a collected edition. Luckily for me, I heard from a little birdy that they’re going to print soon, so check this title out and let these two creators know what you think.

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