Creator: John Yuskaitis Jr.
Webcomic Link: Boots and Pup

Summary: Boots and Pup is a lighthearted story of two unlikely friends as they go about their day-to-day lives, meeting interesting new characters and chasing occasional adventure. The webcomic is in a simple strip format and is presented in the same way a newspaper funny might be, but has an overall story line that is ongoing and bridges the gap between strips.

Story: The storytelling and comedy in Boots and Pup is definitely designed to appeal to a younger audience. The humor is simple and wholesome, and the characters are bombastic and easy to follow. It is hard to judge the strip, therefore, on its story content, in any terms other than this seemingly apparent goal. So, at this goal, it succeeds. The strip is accessible for all ages and tells and entertaining and humorous story.


Art: Boots and Pup ‘s art, like its story, is simple, bright, and colorful. The characters are easy to recognize. The pages are easy to follow. For a funny strip, one cannot really ask for more. The designs should appeal to young readers and keep their attention. I wouldn’t mind just a little variation in panel construction moving forward, but it’s not “necessary” for the strip.

Conclusion:  This is a great kids webcomic. You don’t have to worry about the humor becoming uncouth or your kid learning a dirty word reading it. It is written at an excellent level for young viewers and the website is very easy to navigate. I additionally, I enjoyed the little comments beneath each strip, giving a deeper understanding of what the author was feeling and wanting to convey at the time and what the reader should take from it now. If you’re not a kid, however, chances are you may find the story a bit bland. The humor is a little too simple for a mature audience.

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