Just in case the election results this week have you down, I’m back again to bring you your next favorite webcomic! (hopefully) Please, if you have any feedback, leave it here in the comments or contact me on Twitter (@Sully_Writes). And as always, if you have or know of a webcomic that you’d like to see reviewed, reach out and let me know!

Creator: William Brust
Webcomic: Bubblegum-Man (The Optimist’s Umbrella)


Summary: Bubblegum-Man is the strange tale of Chris, a man who, instead of being cured of his diabetes, was turned into living bubblegum. With nowhere else to go and no place in polite society, Bubblegum-Man begins the life of a crime-fighting vigilante hero. He teams up with the scientist who created him and other heroes to protect the world from outlandish threats while trying to maintain his “flavor levels” with copious amounts of junk food.

Story: The story of Bubblegum-Man is a fever-dream, presented in a childish form, but impossible to appreciate without the perspective of an adult. It is simple and to the point. It does not stand on pretenses, carrying on in an innocent sort of way. The humor is referential, playing on tropes and giving in fully to silliness. It truly does feel like something that might have been written by a child, but that fact seems almost deftly intentional.


Art: Obviously, the art in Bubblegum-Man is somewhat barebones. It has a coloring book feel that works for it, but don’t go in looking for stunning visuals. Without changing the aesthetic, more creative panel combinations could help the overall read. The flow of action is sometimes unclear or lost. Aside from that though, the comic [i]is[/i] what it [i]is[/i].


Conclusion: Bubblegum-Man isn’t going to work for every reader, but I found it fun and lighthearted. I can’t honestly tell you what type of person might like this comic. But, if the review piques your interest, give it a shot and let Mr. Brust know what you thought. I honestly can’t tell if it’s genius or just silly scribbles, but it made me smile either way.

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