Creators: Tanner Leigh Carter and Jamie Dee Galey
Webcomic Link: CANON
Release Date: January 11, 2016

CANON  is a soon-to-be-released webcomic by Tanner Leigh Carter and Jamie Dee Galey that promises the epic tale of Tatianus, a boy who finds himself in immediate trouble in the story’s prologue, set to drop at the beginning of next week. The comic is intended for mature audiences, as the website insists, and the release material suggests that it will be centered around the idea of time travel. While time travel shenanigans are something that I adore, they are not present in the story’s prologue, which primarily sets the stage of who Tatianus was before, and the struggles he has endured. The style of the comic is primarily black and white, with splashes of color inserted for maximum visual effect. The dark, cartoon-ish qualities remind me more than a little bit of Tim Burton, which is a good thing (in my books). The ten page prologue does little to reveal what the actual story might be like, but it does at least establish that this creative team is a capable one, and promises that CANON will be a unique read as it releases.


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