Creators: Wendy Heather Wood
Webcomic Link: Commander Cottontail

Summary: Commander Cottontail is a single panel brick comic with no defining story that stretches between scenes aside from the setting and characters themselves. For those unaware, a brick comic (much like brick film) is one made using Lego blocks (or Megablocks, or any of the other many kinds of plastic building blocks). Each scene is, in the case of a comic, photographed and then lettered much as a normal comic would be. For Commander Cottontail, lettering is minimal, limited to narration blocks set beneath each scene that provide some sort of quip or insight into what is happening.

Story: Commander Cottontail is a very simplistic comedy comic. It mostly focuses on sci-fi and office humor. While this isn’t exactly my cup of tea when it comes to comedy (I have a very dark sense of humor), I do still appreciate the simplicity of it. It has the air of a Sunday paper illustration with its single panel format that is almost nostalgic, despite how new brick comics will be to most readers. Mostly, it’s just really #@$%ing cute, despite some of the jokes sometimes falling flat.


Art: The art in this comic is obviously very different from the sorts of things I normally review. Still, there is merit to it and there are comments that can be made. For the most part, the scenes are very simple, but when working in a single panel this is somewhat to be expected. There’s no time for experimental angles or fancy compositions. The sets are basic, and could use a bit more to really drive home the sci-fi feel of the comic, but they are enough to convey the message visually. Picture quality and lighting is usually solid, but sometimes things fall a bit out of focus.

Conclusion: Commander Cottontail isn’t going to be for everyone, but it is a neat, cutesy approach to a webcomic that is friendly for all ages. Check it out and see if brick comics are for you if the humor seems like it’s your type of thing.

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