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Creator: Sherard Jackson
Webcomic: Darbi

Summary:Darbi is a dinosaur that probably doesn’t live in many of our imaginations. The webcomic follows the adventure of the titular “big head,” an infantile Tyrannosaurus Rex with a penchant for vulgarity and violence. Readers be cautioned.

Story: Though not much of the story has been unfurled thusfar, Darbi presents a unique vibe and an empathetic look at a bizarre character. It’s reminiscent in many ways of one of my favorite Manga, Gon. The difference is that Darbi has a voice, and compared to its surroundings, it is an eloquent one. This isn’t the Land Before Time, and you should probably not be getting it for your kid.

This comic is paced well, and presented in a scrolling format for each chapter. The writing honestly is very strong in this, despite the somewhat silly premise.

Art: Art is where Darbi is sometimes lacking. Let’s begin with the good things, though!

The colors in this comic are vibrant and fun to look at. Occasionally, they get too busy, but all in all they are handled well. The fight scenes are creative and brutal, enjoying to read. The characters are instantly recognizable against their backgrounds.

On the downside, the level of detail and quality is somewhat sporadic. Textures sometimes feel out-of-place. On more than one page, the action was hard to follow and I had to do a double-take in order to figure out what had happened. There is too much black space in the scrolling format for my tastes.

Conclusion: I am torn regarding this comic. I really loved it! It’s a unique concept and it’s executed in a fun way, but there are definite areas in which it could improve. If you’ve got a friend who is nuts for dinosaurs (like I am) or enjoys silly levels of gore in fights (like I do), then this comic is one that you should recommend to them. If you don’t like the sound of this review, however, I would not blame you for passing. All in all, I give Darbi…

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