WEBCOMIC WEDNESDAY REVIEW: Feast for a King [Language]

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Creator: Kosmic
Webcomic: Feast for a King

Summary: Feast for a King is, as the creator self-describes it, “a sci-fi action dark comedy horror erotica? story about Man Eating worms.” This description certainly does not fall short of the gory, NSFW work; however it is initially about a young woman who awakens in a strange world full of strange monsters. Without her memories, she struggles to understand the world around her, often getting little in the way of answers. What she does know is that to the monsters, she is king, and her love means everything to them.

Story: The plotline behind Feast for a King begins simply enough, but quickly hits another gear of complexity through its thousands of pages. I was not able to finish the all, but before long, I became somewhat lost on what was happening. The setting of the science fiction horror fest begins to take the back seat to a confusing litany of interpersonal relationships between monstrous and mechanical beings.

Pacing shifts wildly in the story, from breakneck to page upon page of minute facial movements. At times, this is one of the comic’s greater strengths. The beats allow a great deal of expressiveness without words and really build tension in the moment. However, at times this also becomes overplayed, and I found myself clicking through some pages without truly studying them in order to get to the next segment.

Aside from being difficult to follow, there is some intriguing meat to the story for those who aren’t afraid of its content.

Art: If the story in Feast for a King shifts wildly, then its art is on a transcendental level of fluctuation. In general, it keeps a messy, speed-paint-look with a limited color palette that honestly goes a long way towards the “horror” feel. It was off-putting initially, but eventually grew on me because when the art is right, boy is it right.

But when the art is wrong, it is very wrong. It becomes hard to follow, or the shift in style between pages is so stark that is ruins the reader’s immersion. There is a lot to be said for the loose, flow of consciousness that the comic follows; but in the end the Scott-Pilgrim-esque fever dream can become overwhelming.

Conclusion: I can’t tell you who exactly I’d suggest this comic to. It fills a very specific niche, and honestly, all that I can say is “if you like what you see here, check it out.” I enjoyed the beginning, but as the comic drew on, I found myself losing interested in the themes. Try it out yourself, and it might just tickle your fancy. In the end, due to the limited audience and my own experience, I have to rate Feast for a King…

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