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Creator: Tim Stiles, Ahmed Rhaafat
Webcomic: Gorilla My Dreams

Summary: Gorilla My Dreams is a comedic detective noir title about a self-loathing, sentient gorilla.

There’s more description to it than that, but if you aren’t already hooked on the idea then you don’t deserve to know more. It’s like a black and white Hellboy but with 300% more puns.

Story: While Gorilla My Dreams is currently only sitting at seven pages, it isn’t hard to tell that there are a lot of quality elements at work. The story is paced well, features classic somber noir composition, and immediately draws the reader in without inundating them with unnecessary information. Right out of the gate, reading this comic feels natural. The dialogue is witty and believable, even when coming from a (very relatable) giant gorilla. Everything that Tim Stiles has put into this comic thus-far is done just right.

Art: The art in this webcomic is on point. It’s not inherently groundbreaking, with standard page-layouts and angles. But, it’s lovely to look at, and doesn’t overwhelm with grey-scale, keeping a nice balance of white and black on the pages. The staggered shadow of window blinds; the pure-white whisps of cigarette smoke; and the shadowed, difficult to read face of the protagonist all aide in making Gorilla My Dreams a joy for any detective comic fan to read.

Conclusion: Get in on this action while it’s still new. Gorilla My Dreams has a wonderfully user-friendly website, a great premise, and a promising future. Recommend to anyone. Now, keep up this strong pace, and don’t let me down!

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