Creators: Anna Landin
Webcomic Link: Grassblades

Summary: Masahiro is a wayward swordsman with a particularly prickly personality. While traveling, he comes across an orphan, unable or unwilling to speak, who he names Akane. Though he attempts to pass the child off at a local orphanage, Akane insists on tagging along with Masahiro; who, soon enough, is revealed to be more than a common swordsman. An “infection” lives inside of Masahiro, a rage that he can barely control that gives him the ability to slay foes both physical and ephemeral.

Story: Grassblades is an exceptionally well-written comic. The characters are developed in a subtle way, letting the reader explore them and the world simultaneously. The environment itself is a nice balance of realism and the supernatural. While feudal life is obviously the basis for the setting, there are additions and alterations that keep things interesting. Nothing has been introduced within the first several chapters that is incredibly unique, but at the same time, the story thus far has been handled very well. The plot is solid in this comic, is what I’m trying to say. And though it starts a bit slow, by Chapter 3, it really begins to sink its hooks in.


Art: The art is where Grassblades truly shines. Anna Landin has a very unique style of drawing, but more than that, an excellent command of structuring panels. The layouts are fresh, unique, and facilitate the reader by following the flow of the story or action that is taking place. The coloring in this web title also stands out, bright and poppy without being over-the-top. Just the right amount of shading is used to match the level of detail in the line work.

Conclusion: Grassblades is a great comic, but a metered one. If you’re looking for something fast-paced or exaggerated, then this web series may not be what tickles your fancy. But, if you want a thoughtful story where the creator takes their time to develop their world and concepts, then this is what you’re looking for. There is a ton of content, the site is easy to use, and Grassblades updates regularly. You won’t be disappointed.

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