Authors: Martin Dunn and Dustin Holifer
Artists: Shawn Langley and Moises Fermin
Colorists: Mario Gonzales and Jeremy Calderon
Letterer: Magnus
Webcomic Link: #IFightGhosts – The Spectromancer Chronicles

Summary: Darren was an unsavory criminal who found himself punctuating an unpleasant and irredeemable life with a single act of pure selflessness. Because of this, he is sentenced in the afterlife to serve as the “Spectromancer,” a being whose job is to apprehend or otherwise bludgeon ghosts gone rogue. Darren ropes in a trusty assistant, an ex-girlfriend named Karen (“Kare-Bear”), and sets out to make supernatural wrongs into rights, or at least make some cash.

Story: The storytelling in #IFightGhosts (and the hashtag is, in fact, part of the title) takes a little while to get going, but becomes rather enjoyable. The comic is irreverent comedy, periodically peppered by reference jokes, but it does follow a coherent plot. The first season I found a bit hodge-podged, but the second picked up substantially in quality and I found it really enjoyable. The comic is currently in the early stages of this second season, which will include, allegedly, twenty-six full pages. By this point, the pacing seems better, the jokes are wittier, and the characters are more fleshed out.

Art: The first and best thing that #IFightGhosts has going for it is that it is a full-page color comic. Much like the storytelling, quality of the art increases strongly in the second season. Layouts of the panels are nice, and the coloring is absolutely on point. Frankly, thus far, the second season looks like it could easily be found printed in any local comic book store. The character designs, however, are some of the more memorable parts of the art, and they have been there since the beginning, so I want to give credit where it is due.


Conclusion:  #IFightGhosts – The Spectromancer Chronicles is a solid read, and I intend to not only keep up with it, but probably buy a hardcopy of Season #2 to support the project. If you have friends who enjoy Deadpool or Irredeemable Ant-Man type comics, this will be their cup of tea. However, I might recommend the pickier readers start with the second arc, or at least the political cartoons.

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