Creator: Stanley Anderson
Webcomic Link: Impisha

Summary:Impisha is a master swords-woman, known by many titles and names, who finds herself in a foreign, ephemeral sort of place. While there, she not only encounters a cheerful and enigmatic mage, but a whole slew of dark, nebulous enemies that she and the mage must join forces to face. When the dust settles and the dark forms have been defeated, the face of an old friend emerges to confront Impisha.

Story: I want to start off by talking about the good parts of Impisha’s writing. First off, the action is very nice. There’s plenty of it, its dynamic and easy to follow, and it has enough variety built into it that it holds the reader’s attention. Also, Impisha teases a lot of things to come, which is important for a first arc or issue. You need to have hooks that keep readers asking questions and coming back for more. Unfortunately, both of these things are taken a bit far. Dialing back the amount of action just a bit would have allowed more time for the characters to interact and reveal things about themselves or their personalities without necessarily spoiling more about the story. And while I do enjoy a nice, cryptic, Gainax-style story that forces the reader to figure things out for themselves, a bit more information, more specific terms or clues as opposed to the very generic words that were provided, would have gone a long way towards sinking that hook in deeper.


Art: Once again starting with its strengths, Impisha’s first chapter excels at action sequences. The posing and drawing of the bodies in motion is, with very little exception, done well. The style is very basic, following a classic Manga vibe, and in black and white. Some things that could, however, use work are the expressions of the characters, and the spells that the mage uses. Otherwise, the comic art is good enough to convey the story. One easy to fix detail is in the tones used for the background. The sizes of the tones are very large, and almost hurt to look at. Smaller, finer detailed tones would be much more visually appealing moving forward.

Conclusion: This first chapter of Impisha is a intriguing start to what seems to be a long and involved story. It’s a good place to start, and though the pacing is a bit slow (despite all of the action), I think it has merits that will continue to make it intriguing as the world grows through its pages. The website is easy to navigate, but not much to look at. If you’re a fan of fantasy Manga, Impisha is worth checking out.

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