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Warning: Semi-NSFW humor.


Creator: Jamie Me
Webcomic: IRL

Summary: IRL is a comedy webcomic using a two panel format (set-up, then punchline) that primarily centers around the differences between expectations and reality.


Story: While there isn’t much overarching story to speak of in IRL, there are themes and qualities in the humor that can be spoken to. The jokes in IRL are somewhat lowbrow, but not in a bad way. It’s just that the subject matter they deal with is almost exclusively sexual in nature, and almost always aimed towards a male reader. This is potentially alienating to some, and endearing to others.


Art: IRL has extremely basic art. Normally, this isn’t a requirement for a comedy webcomic. Cyanide and Happiness is a prime example of this. However, IRL could go a bit farther into the detail of facial expressions to sell the jokes. That said, it does have a signature look about it that is memorable.


Conclusion: IRL’s crude and candid humor will not be for everyone, but for some it will certainly be worth a laugh. If you like lowbrow comedy, then it’s worth a shot. The limited scope of the audience alone contributes to the comic’s overall score, and many are liable to feel very different about it, one way or another. I certainly chuckled a few times.

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