Creators: Yale Stewart
Webcomic Link: JL8

Summary: JL8 is a webcomic series about well known and well loved DC Superheroes of the Justice League with the 90’s style twist that they’re in elementary school. [i]Early[/i] elementary school. They have nap time, quiet reading time, and Gym with Coach Darkseid. Though the strip is primarily comedic, the strips do transition into one another in a coherent fashion. There is a timeline. The gags are not random.

Story: The story of JL8 is simple and doesn’t really “build” much of anywhere. It follows the child super heroes as they attend school. The jokes are great and light. There are very few strips that I didn’t find humorous. Many readers will be reminded of things like Tiny Toon Adventures or Muppet Babies when reading this. Except that it’s better. It’s much much better. JL8 is at the top of its game for a “comedy” webcomic. It has a continuing feel, yet every strip has self-contained humor. The characters are already known, making accepting the kid versions of them simple and hilarious. The parody is spot on, and the easter eggs and in-jokes hidden for comic fans are excellent. Comedy isn’t my usual cup of tea, but this is flawless. Oh, and occasionally, they toss in something that makes you feel a little bit, without it feeling like a cliche and forced sitcom episode.


Art: The art for JL8 is perfect for what it is. The linework is flat out masterful. The childish adaptations are wonderfully drawn and frankly adorable. The coloring is great. The lettering is great. And the whole thing is designed to look like a classic newspaper funny strip! I’d say more about it, but I’m just going to include another strip instead.


Conclusion: This is the pinnacle of what a comedy webcomic can be. Take it from a bitter pessimist like me. It is hilarious. It is artistically ideal. It is suitable for any audience. The website is simple and clean and easy to navigate. Stop listening to me talk about it and just go read it. Now.

Also, I’m stealing this image and using it forever:


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