Creators: Blake Von Klausur, Felix Novara, Mekenzie Martin, Kierston Van De Kraats, James Peñafiel
Webcomic Link: Kittarou With Hunter

Summary: Kittarou is a Witch Hunter with a potentially shady past. As the story opens, he stumbles across an incident that requires his immediate attention and expertise. There has been a murder, and through his ability to sense “Stigma,” Kittarou is able to discern some clues about the nature of the killer. Armed with his sentient (and sassy) sword, Toge, Kittarou makes his way into the city to track down the witch responsible.

Story: The concepts and story in Kittarou are classic Shounen Manga in the very best of ways. The protagonist is a familiar type, with his own little flairs and quirks to make him unique. There is the air of mystery about him that is often employed in the medium, where his past and his power are much more than is being initially let on. The dialogue flows wonderfully. The pacing is on point. I want to be clear that nothing so far is game-changingly original in this story, but it’s just bedrock solid. If it were in black and white, there’s no way I’d even be able to tell it wasn’t fresh from the pages of Jump.


Art: For a webcomic, the art in Kittarou Witch Hunter (especially the coloring) is phenomenal. Panels are organized in neat and creative ways. The action flows nicely. Even conversations include enough unique angles and expressions that they don’t become boring. Impactful scenes are impactful, and the quieter scenes are thoughtful. Designs are nice, though it is obvious they draw heavily on other Manga. I don’t honestly have any bad critiques to give. There is a looseness to the art style that could, perhaps, be tightened up to benefit the tone of the work, but that is the artist’s style. It is their take and not a flaw, but an interpretation.

Conclusion: If you have friends who are fans of Shounen Anime or Manga (Naruto, Inuyasha, Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Bleach, etc…) then this is definitely a comic for them. Before I had finished the sadly short series (thus-far) I had already created a list of people in my head that I needed to share it with. Once again, it’s not a mold-breaker, but it’s a refreshingly easy read for fans of the genre.

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