WEBCOMIC WEDNESDAY REVIEW: Legendary Beings Ara & Celi

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Creator: NAAN aka Jadine Rhine
Webcomic: Legendary Beings Ara & Celi

Summary: Legendary Beings Ara & Celi (abbreviated to “Legendary Beings” for the remainder of the article) is the story of a young, energetic girl, Miyara, who is chosen to become an aspect of the primary force of good in this universe, Ara. However, Miyara wants nothing to do with this new and horrifying world, and Ara’s counterpart, Celi, seeks to destroy her before she can assume her rightful role.

Story: The story of Legendary Beings is not yet pushing into new or unique territory, but it is very familiar for anyone who grew up in the American generation of anime. It is a solid rendition of classic manga tropes and genres, and it is a nice, easy read. It fits. For anyone looking for that specific type of comic, something to remind them of those glory days without deconstructing the genre into something strange and twisted, then Legendary Beings is right here.

There isn’t a lot to necessarily brag about. The comedy is hit or miss (never awful, but sometimes just cheesy). The world has not yet been explored enough to determine its complexity. The characters fit neatly into traditional roles. But it’s solid. It’s consistent. There may not be a lot to brag about, but there really isn’t anything to complain about either!

Art: Legendary Beings is the story of two equal and opposite aspects of the universe. How fitting then that the strength of the comic’s story is its art’s greatest weakness. Opposites entirely.

The art in Legendary Beings has breathtaking moments. The usage of panel layouts is inspiring. The flow is sometimes just too perfect. Characters can be expressive, unique, and powerful graphically. However, the consistency of the title is infuriating. Panel layouts go from cutting-edge to difficult to follow. Characters go from emotive to hastily drawn and messy. There were pages that I stopped and stared at to admire, and pages that I stopped and stared at because I didn’t understand what was happening in the comic.

That’s tricky with webcomics. Speed is the name of the game. The more you can update, the better you can stick to the schedule, the more of a following that you get. But for this comic, I just found myself wishing the creator would take their time and make every page as amazing as some of the art I’ve linked in this review.

The lettering could also use some work, but that is a somewhat common trend in webcomics.

Conclusion: In the end, I’d recommend it to people fond of classic anime/manga and magical girl story-lines. I enjoyed it, and I want it to do well moving forward, but some of the pages just left me a bit frustrated.

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