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Summary: OFFcell is a webcomic that takes place in an advanced prison, containing kids and young adults from all over the world. The prisoners are each ranked, based on their clout and strength, and have this rank perpetually displayed on the device on their wrist. The primary characters come from very different backgrounds, having committed very different crimes to find themselves inside. Periodically, the lowest ranked inmates are “taken” somewhere, and subjected to an undefined treatment that they never seem to return from the same.

Story: The story within OFFcell hasn’t progressed so far that any of the major twists have been revealed. The first couple chapters seem to focus more on building the characters, who are quite interesting and fun to read. The pacing seems a bit random, jumping between current events and worries about rank, and flashbacks that detail the character’s histories. These histories are rich, but I personally think more progress for the story inside of the prison would be an improvement moving forward.


Art: OFFcell’s art is loose and vibrant, and it made the comic very enjoyable. The designs are all unique and easily recognizable, and the colors are done very well. Expressiveness is one of the artist’s strengths, however in the more “actiony” pages, the flow between panels is sometimes awkward. There were moments where I wasn’t sure exactly what had transpired during a scuffle, and these exchanges were often very short lived.

Conclusion: A bit more action and a bit more focus on the current would help this comic, I feel. However it should be stated that the characters are great, and easy to love. A wonderful foundation has been laid, but now it’s time to make use of that. This is the sort of webcomic I can see developing a “diehard” type fandom if it goes on for very long. If you have a friend that has ever used the word “shipping,” then this is a great comic for them.

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