Creator: Erica Batton
Webcomic Link: Panty Vigilante

Summary: Kate is an average girl working her fingers to the bone at a retail job when a pair of panties fall from the sky and crash into her, granting her the power to be a hero.

Story: Panty Vigilante is, quite obviously, meant to be comically based upon classic magical girl anime in the vein of Sailor Moon. Many of the jokes in the comic are in homage to this, and having a knowledge of such shows definitely makes it more enjoyable. The humor is perverse without being annoyingly childish, and the characters are written in a believable manner. Overall, it’s a nice, light read with a relatable hero and a fun premise. I did feel the first chapter could have used a bit more action, but for a webcomic that isn’t as large of a problem for a #1 printed issue where you’d be waiting for another month and deciding whether or not to spend your money again.


Art: Erica’s art is great. It is cartoonish without being too simple, matching the tone of the story perfectly. The expressiveness of the characters, especially, is very nice. One thing I would mention is that I personally think this comic would be better in color at most times, but that is a minor gripe to have overall. The page layouts are nothing to gawk over, but the creator’s command of sequential art is very solid.

Conclusion: Overall, Panty Vigilante is a cute, easy-reading webcomic that I’d recommend to friends of mine who are fans of anime. I look forward to future chapters with this character.

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