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Creator: Shan Nabor
Webcomic: Ray Thunder

Summary: Ray Thunder is a young man with extraordinary power. Since a young age, he has trained to control his demi-god nature and use it for good. However, things rarely go that smoothly.


Story: Ray Thunder is a new webcomic, only on page number eighteen at the time of writing this review. Because of this, story-wise, there isn’t an incredible amount to review yet. The premise is not ground-breaking, but not flawed either. A young empowered man struggling to protect those around him is not a new concept. However, it’s too early to tell what exactly Shan intends to do with it.

If there’s anything that could be addressed in what exists already, it’s that occasionally there inner monologues are a little too thorough.


Art: The art in Ray Thunder is standard webcomic fair. Pros of Shan Nabor’s work are the coloring and the action scenes. Expressions could use a bit of work, as could panel composition. As it stands though, it’s very solid.


Conclusion: Ray Thunder has only just begun, and that means it’s a good chance to take a look and see what piques your interest. Swing by and check it out for yourself if you’re a fan of classic superhero stories.

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