Creator: Freya Horn
Webcomic Link: RetroBlade

Summary: Nearly one thousand years into the future, a man finds himself alone in a dying world. His sister, the last human aside from himself to inhabit the planet, is given a vivid vision by a strange crystal in her last moments, and leaves a detailed plan and mission for her sibling. In order to complete the task, however, Axel Kepler will have to travel back to a more lively, but potentially less hospitable time.

Story: RetroBlade is a blend of magic and sci-fi that generally makes for a lighthearted read. There is danger, sadness, and violence in the pages. But, for the most part, it is punctuated with the comedy of the affable and simple hero. Doctor S, an accused terrorist that Axel meets in the past and who helps him escape, acts as the straight man of the pair, all while they’re running for their lives. Meanwhile, a shady director is giving orders behind the scenes, and the specifics of the magical nature hang in the air as an unknown. It isn’t an overly-complex story, but there’s nothing wrong with it either. Little has been revealed to date regarding just what’s going on with the supernatural side of things, but I do look forward to finding out how that is woven in. My biggest complaint is, frankly, the Director’s usage of “aha.” I’m not entirely sure what it was meant to accomplish or characterize, but it makes me want to punch him through my screen. And not in a “Wow, he’s such a villain! I hate him!” way.


Art: The art in RetroBlade is solid, but not flawless. Sometimes, the colors become a bit much or clash, but overall it is not bad. I want to make that clear. There is room to grow, but the art isn’t off-putting. The lettering for the comic is top-tier. It’s unusual that lettering reaches out and grabs you as you’re reading a comic, but this does and it is really well done. The pages are set up well, with unique panels and angles. Character design-wise, it’s not the most original sci-fi out there, but it is, once again, not bad either. I expect the supernatural elements will add originality as they’re introduced.

Conclusion:  RetroBlade still has a long ways to go, but shows some promise with an interesting blend of concepts and classic characters. It is worth checking out if you enjoy easy Sci-Fi.

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