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Creator: Kyle Latino
Webcomic: She Dwarf

Summary: She Dwarf, the titular character of this webcomic, is on a quest to find the lost city of Dammerung; the last place that she might find more of her kind. Her journey brings her into an unfamiliar world and a hostile cast of adversaries that would rather see Dammerung left buried to time, but the headstrong Dwarf pushes onward, even making a few friends along the way in this charming high-fantasy adventure story.

Story: She Dwarf is a difficult beast to describe. At times, the story almost feels as though it qualifies as a children’s comic. The narrative is simple enough, and the presentation is clear enough that surely any could enjoy it. There is an elegance to that simplicity, however, that gives She Dwarf a unique voice. The characters are complex and vibrant. The story is compelling. The pacing is flawless.

This comic does not need to be brooding or vague (not that there are not plot elements left unexplained). It lays all cards on the table and hooks the reader through the captivating (and flawed) protagonists. This comic is light and digestible, just the sort of thing that we all occasionally need as a “pick-me-up.” This is not a children’s story. This is a story with bold, child-like heart.

Art: The art in She Dwarf is unbelievable.

Character design is obviously one of Kyle Latino’s strong suits. There is a variety and vibrancy to even passing characters that makes them stand out from the average crowd. Not only this, but the tendency of the characters to visually reflect their personalities is not exactly an easy feat to accomplish.The colors used are unforgettable, and even lettering becomes a part of the art in She Dwarf. The 0nly are that I would identify where I found She Dwarf lacking was action.

Action sequences exist in this webcomic, but they are often short-lived and shallow. This is a fantasy comic, and I would have really enjoyed seeing She Dwarf actually trade blows with her trademark hammer. Dynamic fight sequences with a real back and forth would hold more weight, and be more memorable than gimmicky solutions. Though these do highlight She Dwarf’s ingenuity, I want to see a sequence that highlights her strength (aside from beard-wrestling, which was fantastic).

ConclusionThis is a great comic. You should read this comic. There isn’t even that much material to catch up on yet! Do yourself a favor, and if you’ve ever enjoyed anything even tangentially related to swords and sorcery, check out She Dwarf.

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